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Migrate from an on-premise Blackberry Enterprise Server to Blackberry Business Cloud Services in Office 365


Today, I “catched” a tweet from someone who was having trouble migrating from an on-premise Blackberry Enterprise Server to Office 365. He pointed out that there was no real documentation on how to actually perform the switch. So, I decided to write a small article describing what’s involved with the switch and what steps you need to take (if any at all).

What to do?

First of all, I would like to point out that moving from an on-premise BES to Office 365 is actually fairly easy. Once you’ve setup the BB Business Cloud Service for your tenant, you will notice that the online administration portal is pretty much the same as the on-premise version. This make sense since the hosted version is no more (actually no less) than the same Blackberry Enterprise Server you are running in your own environment:


Obviously – as is the case with hosted services – the portal has been stripped from any options that might affect the server on which the service is running.

Logically, before you can start moving your users you will have to add them as a blackberry user. I will not go through the steps, as I have already documented that in another article:

Let’s assume that you’ve already configured a blackberry user. What you have to do next is to set a new activation password. This will allow you to (re)run an Enterprise Activation from your Blackberry Device.


Now all that you have left to do is to take the user’s device, and perform a new Enterprise Activation. There is no real requirement to wipe the device before doing so. Normally, you shouldn’t encounter any problems but occasionally (I only encountered it once) the Enterprise Activation might fail. If that’s the case, you can re-try but in the end (and that’s what I had to do) you’re probably looking at wiping the device and doing an Enterprise Activation afterwards.

If you need help on the Enterprise Activation part or how to wipe a device, have a look at these pages:

So, as promised: that was fairly easy, wasn’t it?



Posted 03-08-2012 10:04 by Michael Van Horenbeeck