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New Office 365 Plans for Home & SMB

Yesterday Microsoft announced that they will be adding 2 new Office 365 Plans:

  • Office 365 Home Premium
  • Office 365 Small Business Premium

Earlier this year they already added the Academic Plans to the existing Office 365 E and P Plans.  The complete announcement can be found here on the Office News page, a comparison between both plans can be downloaded here

Office 365 Home Premium

Office 365 for the entire household for only 8.33$ / Month or 99$ a year. The package includes

  • a License for all the latest Office applications for PC and/or Mac (max 5 computers)
  • an additional 20 GB Storage for Skydrive
  • 60 Minutes of Skype World calling each month

Office 365 Small Business Premium

Office 365 for the SMB Market for only 12.50$ / Month for each user. The package includes

  • a License for all the latest Office applications for maximum 5 PC's/Mac's for every user
  • a 25 GB Outlook mailbox with calendar sharing, contact manager and other advanced features
  • 10 GB professional cloud storage + 500 MB additional storage per user
  • Ability to host online meetings
  • A public website which is easy to maintain/set u

Promotion : buy Office 2010 and get 1 year Office 365 for free

Starting October 19, people who purchase Office 2010 or Office for Mac 2011 will qualify to download, for free, one year of Office 365 Home Premium or the equivalent Office 2013 offering, when available.  Small business customers in applicable markets will also be eligible for a three-month trial of Office 365 Small Business Premium.

My Opinion

Office 365 Home Premium

Very interesting option for households who have 2+ kids around that need the latest and greatest Office suite at school. In place of buying a license for each computer, you now have a yearly subscription where all your computers stay up to date.  The extra skydrive storage and skype world calling are nice additions.

Office 365 SMB

I think this is a win for SMB customers: it is noticable cheaper than the Office 365 E3 plan which is 20$ / month and currently the "smallest" option to acquire the Office suite together with Office 365.  The announcement states that it's easy to set up and maintain and for me that will be the key to it's success.
A trial will be made available very soon so stay tuned for more information

Posted 09-18-2012 9:07 by Ruben Nauwelaers